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Ohio Students Score on DareDorm

Daredorm has gotten another hot submission, check out the story of this home made porn movie:

While major cities like New York and L.A. get all the attention, cities like Cincinnati are busy doing their own thing…and that thing is usually good old fashioned fucking. When you are bored at a college in the midwest with nothing to do, whats better than rallying together a crew of girls to get wasted and play sexy card games. Not much, and lucky for you, thats exactly what happens in this Dare Dorm submission. A few students find themselves drinking in the dorms, as usual, ready to let loose and make the night more interesting. Lucky for them, several college cuties from down the hall come over to play a card game where players win by coming up with the dirtiest answers to kinky questions. As the questions get raunchier, the action outside the game starts to heat up too. girl on girl fucking, filthy threesomes, anything and everything. These kids are totally nasty, and Im glad to have watched their handiwork. 5 stars, and 10k.

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Public Jet Ski Fucking @ MILF Hunter

How much more real would you like? The Reality Kings prove once again that they will go anywhere, any time, to get the hottest real babes to fuck on camera. The MILF Hunter scores big with sexy Kristal, a hotty with nice boobs and pierced nipples. She was waiting for some friends, but he talks her into coming for a ride on a jetski with him. Once they are away from the beach a bit, he cuts the motor and starts to tease her. Soon enough she is on her knees on the jetski, sucking his cock and getting ready for one wet and wild offshore fuck. What a hotty!

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Liquor Store Girl Fucks @ Money Talks

chase shows off her tits at work

Now this stuff is fun. Money Talks is a site that proves that everyone has a price for almost anything, from getting hit in the nuts with a golf ball to fucking at work, you never know what might happen. Chase here is a great example, she works at a liquor store, and when the Money Talks guys start offering her the green, this girl doesn’t hesistate to show off her cute little pierced nipple titties. Well, these guys don’t stop, and soon enough she locks the door to the stop and puts up the “back in 15 minutes” sign and off to the store room for some serious hardcore fucking. This girl is a freak, a real great fuck, and she takes it all and more!

chase fucks for money at moneytalks
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, a great site from the Reality Kings!

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