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Money Talks Janice Griffith Into Hardcore Threeway Action

moneytalks janice griffith

What will you do for money, honey? Money Talks continues to answer that question with another wild episode, this time with everything from girls on the beach in Miami in nothing but latex painted on bikinis to this hot scene with Janice Griffith getting fucked hard at the motorcycle repair shop. It’s a hot threeway session too, because the girl hosting the show also loves pussy and loves to get busy, so Janice gets her sweet titties sucked and licking and her pussy played with by the girl, and then gets fucked hard by the stunt cock, right there in the garage. It’s just a question of putting enough money in front of her, because in the end, almost every girl seems to have a price, right? Nice action too, and she ends up with cum all the way from her pussy to her face too!

money talks

Public Strippers and Cell Phone @ Money Talks

Once again, Money Talks hits us with a totally wild update. This one starts out with their new mobile lap dance truck, with a stripper pole, a stripper, and even a dude with an accordion for music. They are giving people lap dances in public, and certainly getting a crowd! Then it’s off to a cell phone store, where they hook up with Alena. She needs some cash, and is more than willing to whip out her big tits for bucks. From there, it’s a quick decent into sucking cock while the announcer girl is flicking on her clitty, and then fuck time! It’s amazing what people will do for money at Money Talks!

Amateur Alexis Fucked and Licked Out @ Money Talks

What will you do for money honey? That’s the question that Money Talks asks every time out! This time they are running their scams at a local self-storage place, it’s not Storage Wars or anything like that, just the gang giving sexy and petite Alexis a way to make some money to pay her storage. With enough money on the table Alexis lets her sexy tiny tits out, fucking hot and she grabs herself too! She’s horny for it! She ends up sucking on JMac’s big schlong and letting him fuck her, and in a rare move, interview girl Julie jumps in to lick Alexis out as she gets fucked, turning this Money Talks session into a very hot threeway fuck!

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Money Talks Girl Into Ski Lift Blowjob

The Money Talks crew decided to take a little trip to the mountains for a ski vacation, but of course they brought along their cameras and a wad of cash, because they know that money talks and bullshit walks, and with enough cash, you can get people to do almost anything. There is all sorts of crazy stuff in this one from naked snow angles to fucking some girl in changing room of the ski pro shop, but what really caught my eye was this ski lift action. For some hot cash this couple of making out in the glassed in gondala as it goes up the hill, and she starts sucking on his cock giving a hot blowjob as the cameras roll. She even lets him fuck her right there as they go up the hill, making this ski lift ride into a hardcore moment to remember!

Moneytalks Sammie Into Fucking For Cash

Reality Kings strike again with another amazing episode of Moneytalks! This time out they have cheerleaders with dildo pom-poms in their pussies in public, arm wrestling with cocks, and a wild take over of a nail salon. It’s amazing what girls will do for a little cash. Sammie is the feature star in this one, she comes into the nail salon to get her nails done, and the crew start to work her over. Turns out Sammie is rather bisexual and turned on by the money girl’s boobs too. So Sammie shows off her tits and lets money girl feel her up good. They move to a back room, and for more cash Sammie is naked and making out with Jmac. They fuck for a while, and then Sammie is back working on Money Girl’s tits too. Fucking awesome action in this wild Money Talks adventure!

Petite Latina Cassie Gets Wild @ Moneytalks answers the age old question: What will you do for money? In this case, Cassie and her boyfriend Enzo came into this little shop looking for a cold drink, and instead they found the Moneytalks crew with a pile of cold hard cash (and the drinks!). They are a little surprised, but when the money starts piling up, Cassie is more than willing to let her sexy little tits out for us to enjoy. More money, and she shows off her amazing little shaved taco of a pussy. Soon enough, there is enough cash on the table that Enzo joins in, and they end up fucking like crazy in the back room while the cameras roll. Totally amateur hardcore fucking, he spooges a nice load on her sexy latina ass. Money talks, that is for sure!

Money Talks Sydney into Getting Wild

What will people do for money? Money Talks answers that question with plenty of fresh hot episodes, including this wild scene form a local nightclub. The gang hits up Sydney, she’s a hot blonde who loves to party and always needs some extra cash. Well, for a few bucks, they talk her into flashing her boobies for the camera, some nice tits too. Some more drinks, some more play, some more offers, and soon enough they get her off to the ladies washroom and they get her on her knees sucking Voodoo’s cock right there. Then he suits up, dives in, and fucks her right there in the club. It’s amazing what people will do for Money, and Money Talks always seems to find the ones willing to go all fucking out!

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What Will Tiffany Do For the Money

What will a hot chick do to pay for school? Money Talks proves that even this stunning college hotty has a price. They talk her and one of her guy friends into going for a ride, and they offer her some cash to give her friend a handjob. Well, the guy can’t get it up! Camera shy, he makes some weak ass excuse so they push him out and send in one of their friends. Tiffany is already into it and doesn’t care. They add some more cash to get her down there to suck his cock, and she is fucking talented! Finally, they give her the whole cash pile and she gets butt naked. She is so into it she ends up sucking on money girls tits and kissing her deeply as this stranger fucks her coed pussy into submission and dumps a load all over her sexy ass! Proving once again, Money Talks!

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Money Talks Meets Fast Fucking Food

This episode of Money Talks is a full hands on adventure. After cruising around and getting some titty flashing for cash and talking a guy into doing something dumb, the crew heads indoors to this corner diner thing to get some late lunch. Well, the two girls working there are fucking hot, and the crew soon starts to poke them with the best weapon of all, cash. Soon enough, they have these girls on their knees sucking cock right in the middle of the restaurant, and then getting fucked to a nice creamy finish. Fuck desert, these girls are a main course! They prove once again that Money Talks!

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Reality Kings Asks What You Would Do For Money

One of the reasons Reality Kings are the kings is because of the incredible variety of action, girls, guys, and locations. Like this wild scene from Money Talks, where for a few dollars, they talk this busty hotty into driving around in an open dune buggy completely topless. Then for a few more dollars, they talk her into fucking the stunt cock in the garage in the dune buggy. She’s a hotty, nice tits and she loves to fuck! The best part is that rather than joining one site, you can join the Reality Kings mega site directly and get access to all 28 of the Reality Kings sites – more than 4000 hours of videos, more than a million pics, and thousands of the hottest girls (and guys) in wild reality hardcore porn. What a deal!

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