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Hot Bartender Nikki Nailed by the MILF Hunter

The MILF Hunter is my personal hero, this guy has nailed more tail than a 17th century fur trapper! This time out he takes his friend Ficus to play some pool, and Fucis has no idea why he likes this dump of a bar. When the drinks show up, the light goes on, Nikki is working and she is one hot younger mommy with an ass that won’t quit. The MILF Hunter has been hitting on her for a while, and now that her husband is out of town, this young mommy is ready for some personal attention. Forget the pool game, they end up back in the office playing naughty games, and let me tell you, this MILF is a hot fuck. Her husband hasn’t fucked her in ages, and she is taking it all out on the MILF Hunter. Dude, your my hero!

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